Terms and Conditions

All wedding stationery is handcrafted, hand produced and hand sewn (where applicable), therefore, each product may be different in colour shade or design from previous or pictured item or sample sent to customer, imperfections are part of handcrafted work although these differences or imperfections would be slight. 

Perfection is rare and this is the beauty and the telltale f handcrafted work. It makes every invitation a little unique for each and every guest.

Many designs consist of small parts that may be hazardous to children of all ages. 

We ask 6-8 weeks as a process time, this can be different depending on time of year and will be discussed with you while arranging an order with us, if it is not discussed then the default timings suggest previously will be adhered to.These timings are from the point where a proof has been agreed, signed and returned. Once you have received said proof we allow 10 days for checking and returning, this is so we can adhere to the dates given for delivery. Awaiting an agreed proof is not part of the waiting time and is entirely unto the customer and the amount of thought time they may need. We cannot be held responsible if this time has been left too long, we will still need the agreed times of 6-8 weeks to complete an order. if invitations are required quicker we are often able to help, you will need to ask first to find out our processing times and to see if we are able to assist with this request. There maybe a fee for express orders. 

The timescales we provide can only be adhered to by us, we cannot be held responsible for supplier errors and posting delays for example. Many of our items such as silk, ribbons, papers are bought from artisans abroad and go through a rigorous customs process. We allow a great deal of time for these to come through but we cannot predict if customs will wish to do extra tests, scans or require further information from us or our suppliers. We will notify the customer as soon as possible if we discover a delay and do our best to rectify this quickly or supply alternatives if the customer wishes to continue with the process.

We send items via Royal Mail or Courier, once posted or collected we obtain proof and the items are then out of our care and responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for any lost items, we will do our best to help you retrieve these but insurance will need to be claimed to reimburse any losses.  If worried please ask to pay for extra insurance on all parcels posted.

We do our best to package items well and securely, we are not responsible for damage during transit.All postal prices are fair and at the discretion of Spunsilk, all postal prices include packaging and handling costs. When booking a courier we always purchase 24 or 48 hour delivery and we do expect them to deliver within those timescales, however this does not always happen and they often have their own reasons why. We will always provide tracking numbers for you to be able to check and follow your parcels and communicate with couriers if the need arises.

All website prices can change at anytime, no price is final until the written proof is signed, returned and received.

Payment is accepted online for samples through PayPal and any of their means of payment, you do not need to hold an account with them to use them to pay. Final orders are requested through BACS or PayPal. If the latter is chosen a 5% fee is added to cover their charges. No orders will be dispatched until payment has cleared within our banking system.

All prices are a guide as the products are handcrafted a huge amount of changes are possible and could incur extra charges on top of those stated. We would always keep you informed of these added expenses so you would be fully informed before final decisions need to be made. Final prices will be told before the typing of the proof and will accompany said proof for you to check through. Once proof is returned these prices will not change as long as no more alterations are made by you.

Proofs must be checked carefully for spellings and errors. The adjustment of these errors are totally the customers responsibility. All name lists sent will be printed exact to that list, all invitation proofs once agreed will be printed exact to that proof, table plan listings and arrangements will be printed exactly as listed. We are not responsible for an error in spelling if it is how they appear on the signed documentation.

Due to the human factor in handcrafted work there is always the possibility of errors. We do everything we can to prevent this but sometimes things can slip by us. Because of this we request that once delivery is made invitations are checked carefully, individual name spellings should be checked immediately, please inform us straight away of any problems and we will rectify it with immediate effect and get new ones sent out asap.

Please unpack any invitations with external embellishments such as crystals, buckles or brooches as soon as you can, we packed them tightly for safe transit, if they are not removed they can cause imprinting into each other causing little dents and distress in your invitations.

We will always do our best for each and every one of our amazing customers, we will help as much as we can in any way we can if problems do arise but please remember we can only help if we know about the problem as soon as possible. We love our work and we put a great deal of effort into every single item we make, we do not want them to arrive to you in any other condition than amazing and we want you to be ultimately extremely pleased you picked us to help with your Wedding stationery.

Once a final written proof is signed you are accepting these terms and conditions.