I love your design but I don’t want it in the colour shown?

No problem, all our designs are fully customisable. Tell us the colours you want and we will make it to suit you. All colours are shown as a guide to the design itself, if you have a colour scheme just write in in the text box at the checkout or drop us an email to discuss how you want the colours to work or so we can give you ideas on how your chosen colours to work. There is no extra cost to change colours to suit your day.

Do I have to send Save the Dates?

Absolutely not, you only order the stationery you require. Some like to send save the dates especially if they are getting married in the middle of holiday season or during holiday times like Christmas, or if they are travelling abroad for their wedding. Save the Dates are traditionally sent 12-18 months before the wedding itself which gives your guests plenty of time to organise their holidays and other such family things around your day.

How many invitations do I need?

We get asked this a lot as many people think they have to send one per person, but this is not the case (which is a relief for the budget!), just one per family is perfect.

When should I send my invitations?

This is entirely up to you but it is fairly standard to send them approximately 6 months before your big day. If theres a lot of organising to do or you want to be sure guests are ready then its a good idea to send Save the Dates prior to the actual invitations.

How do I know what ‘on the day’ stationery I need?

This is totally your choice and can depend greatly on the type of wedding you are having. If you are having a church wedding then an order of service can be made and if it’s a civil ceremony then an order of the day, but neither are essential (unless your church requests them) and they really are just a guide for the day so the guests know what’s happening and in what order.

Menus for the tables….if you want your guests to know what the menu is, often venues will give you a menu choice now so each guest maybe different. We have a great idea for this as the names cards can be adapted to have individual menus on so nobody forgets what they ordered.

Name cards if you want your guests to sit in certain places around their designated table and a Table Plan if you want your guests to sit on certain tables.

Guest books, Bridal postal boxes…..the list of on the day stationery is extensive so its best to pick what you like the best and what you particularly think will be useful. We can make anything you want to suit your themes and colours.

What if I need more invitations?

Don’t worry, we always suggest you order a few more when you originally order anyway as its often the case that some guests won’t be able to attend and then you can invite others if need be, but if you find you need more after the invitations have been handed out just drop us a line, its no problem to make you a few more, we keep all your details until your special day has passed.

Do I have to order everything at once?

No of course not, our couples often like to order their Save the Dates (if required) then come back for their invitations and later when they know exactly what they want order their ‘on the day’ stationery.

Do I have to pay for everything up front?

No we ask for a non refundable deposit to start work and then the rest of the balance when they are all completed and ready to be sent.

I need my invitations really quickly?

We will always do our best to help. If you know you are in a hurry its always best to drop us an email and ask first, we reply quickly and will be upfront and honest as we will never let a bride and groom down once we have agreed to do their invitations.