Spunsilk originally started in 2003. I had always loved making things and once I finished my Art Degree I was looking for the right outlet for my work. Having worked a number of jobs and just worked for people making cards and other such items whenever they asked.

My sister in law asked me to make her wedding stationery, and there it began. Truly loved the idea that I would make something for a couple, so excited about their day, that each detail was important to them. It’s exactly how I felt about each item I made. Word of mouth spread and I had a few local orders in. So, I tentatively began a website with my brothers help (luckily a computer whizz) and launched it. I was expecting to hear nothing from it, and then my first order came in….followed by the next and the next.

The designs expanded to include silk box and other luxury editions. It was busy and I was lucky enough to be able to leave my full time work and begin my own business. I began sending orders abroad, Dubai, New Zealand, The Cayman Islands and USA, just to name a few. I got to be part of wedding from other cultures, other religions, research and understand other customs and wedding needs. This was simply delightful. Not many people can say they love what they do in their job but I can honestly say I do!

It hasn’t been all easy going and I had to slow the business and take a break due to family matters. This was heartbreaking in every direction, and due to everything being done by myself, I had no one to help me keep it going through the emotionally hard times, so I did what I had to. Life moved on.

Then out of the blue a lovely young lady happened to email me and ask if I could make her wedding invitations. I still to this day have no idea how she found me or my email address but she had seen some of my work on various website galleries and really liked what she saw. I designed something to suit her wedding themes and colours, she was so pleased and so was I, as I had found my passion again. It had got lost in the time that had passed and the grind of everyday life, something many of you will understand and probably been through yourselves.

So here I am, again at your service….. loving what I do and hoping I do you all proud with a little bit of handcrafted beauty for you to give your guests. Show them a glimpse into your precious day with an invite made to suit you perfectly.

Stationery as beautiful as the day you are planning!