Welcome to Spunsilk!

I’m Corinne and I specialise in unique fully handcrafted and customisable wedding invitations and bespoke stationery for weddings, anniversaries and many many other occasions.

Spunsilk is a small business and I make each item individually by hand, from UK sourced quality materials. I like to keep it small and personal as each wedding is in itself, a personal experience. I strive to be able to portray a little of your personality in each invitation made and sent out to your lucky guests. This is why I believe being able to fully customise every invitation is very important.There are no large machines or factory lines, all work is completed by myself from start to finish. You will always know who you are talking to, as it is always me on the end of the email!


The Handcrafted range are my house collection. Lots of different ideas, pocketfolds, wallets and petal folds, with laser cutting and embellishments to keep everyone happy.


The Printed collection are just that, conceived through illustration and photograph software by me. Then processed through a variety of printers, dependant on the effects I want to create. Finished with hand embellishments. Easy to customise and changed to suit your needs.


The Luxury range is a splendid range of handmade silk boxes, folios, pads and more. Truly love making these as it’s always something special at the end. I often make them Limited Edition too so they can’t be available for too many. This was you know you are getting something a little more unique.

All ranges to give you inspiration and to change in colours, ribbons, cards, prints, envelopes and layouts as much as you like to suit your day. Everything is fully customisable.

I love to make all the matching stationery items too. If you’d like matching (or not) order of service, ,menus, name cards, favour boxes, table plans just to name a few please don’t hesitate to ask. I love to design so have exactly what you want….it is after all, your day!


If you have a fantastic idea and you want us to bring it to life for you, or you just want to have something completely unique for you and your day, we would absolutely love the chance to be part of this with you and love the opportunity to design bespoke.

From your own personal wedding invitations and matching stationery, a unique bespoke experience, you are in safe hands.

I love what i do and you will see it in my work, I truly believe my stationery is as beautiful as the day you are planning!

Pretty Wedding Invitation Open
Chandelier Wedding Invitation Inside
Lovebirds Navy Pink Variation
Elegance Close UP
Garland Printed Invitation with Gold Leaf